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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Hukeri Pincode / Post Office Search (BELGAUM, Karnataka)

Akkiwat B.O 591225HukeriKarnataka
Ammanagi B.O 591236HukeriKarnataka
Amminbhavi B.O 591236HukeriKarnataka
Ankle B.O 591313HukeriKarnataka
Arjunwad B.O 591309HukeriKarnataka
Avargol B.O 591309HukeriKarnataka
Bad B.O 591225HukeriKarnataka
Badakundri B.O 591221HukeriKarnataka
Basapur B.O 591122HukeriKarnataka
Bastwad B.O 591309HukeriKarnataka
Beniwad B.O 591309HukeriKarnataka
Berranholi B.O 591243HukeriKarnataka
Borgal B.O 591236HukeriKarnataka
Bugatealur B.O 591313HukeriKarnataka
Daddi S.O 591254HukeriKarnataka
Ghodgeri B.O 591107HukeriKarnataka
Gutagaddi B.O 591243HukeriKarnataka
Hadalga B.O 591313HukeriKarnataka
Hanchinal B.O 591243HukeriKarnataka
Haragapur B.O 591313HukeriKarnataka
Hattialur B.O 591107HukeriKarnataka
Hebbal S.O 591221HukeriKarnataka
Hidkal Dam S.O 591107HukeriKarnataka
Hitni B.O 591225HukeriKarnataka
Hukeri S.O 591309HukeriKarnataka
Hulloli B.O 591305HukeriKarnataka
Islampur B.O 591243HukeriKarnataka
Jaganur B.O 591305HukeriKarnataka
Kamatnur B.O 591340HukeriKarnataka
Karaguppi B.O 591122HukeriKarnataka
Kesti B.O 591236HukeriKarnataka
Kochari B.O 591340HukeriKarnataka
Koninkeri B.O 591225HukeriKarnataka
Kot B.O 591254HukeriKarnataka
Kurni B.O 591221HukeriKarnataka
Madihali B.O 591309HukeriKarnataka
Managutti B.O 591243HukeriKarnataka
Mattiwade B.O 591225HukeriKarnataka
Mavanur B.O 591122HukeriKarnataka
Naganur KM B.O 591254HukeriKarnataka
Nerli S.O 591340HukeriKarnataka
Nidasoshi S.O 591236HukeriKarnataka
Nirwanhatti B.O 591107HukeriKarnataka
Pachhapur S.O 591122HukeriKarnataka
Rashing B.O 591313HukeriKarnataka
Salamwadi B.O 591254HukeriKarnataka
Sankeshwar S.O 591313HukeriKarnataka
Sarapur B.O 591305HukeriKarnataka
Shippur B.O 591225HukeriKarnataka
Shirgaon B.O 591309HukeriKarnataka
Shirhatti B.O 591305HukeriKarnataka
Solapur B.O 591313HukeriKarnataka
Sultanpur B.O 591309HukeriKarnataka
Sutagatti B.O 591243HukeriKarnataka
Urabinatti B.O 591122HukeriKarnataka
Yadgud B.O 591309HukeriKarnataka
Yarnal B.O 591221HukeriKarnataka
Yelimanoli B.O 591309HukeriKarnataka